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Assessing and managing security risks by supporting clients build their security capability to meet any challenge

For the companies across the world, ensuring their people are prepared and informed about the pratical aspects of security risks is a crucial aspect of their Duty of Care to their employees.

KelmeRisk provides a Security Awareness Training aimed at sensitizing the personnel about the security risks and recommended behaviors in the country of interest and includes but is not limited to socio-cultural environment, emerging security risks, behavioral dos and don?ts, advice and strategies to participants to improve understanding of the most significant security risks that the employees may face and to improve their reaction capabilities in case of an event/incident with constantly updated security risk intelligence data.

These courses can be generic or destination-specific, attended in person or as e-learning. Specific topics and information from thecustomer?s Incident and Crisis Management procedures, Security Plans, Country Evacuation Plans can be integrated in the awareness training which is focused on the following topics including but not limited to:

  • The security background of the country and the immediate region of the site or business area
  • The cultural background (including religious influences and customs) and standards of social behavior
  • Specific security threats - crime, socio-political and terrorism risks
  • Personal security awareness and procedures at work, at home and on the move
  • Major developments that may have an impact on the security environment of the country
  • Crisis Management and Scenario Planning
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