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Intelligence and Advisory

An ongoing monitoring and the analysis of the events that can cause risks to your personnel and company assests around the world

KelmeRisk’s comprehensive threat and risk intelligence reports offer a consolidated resource of relevant and up-to-date information supported with flash notifications on crucial information that could impact the security of both personnel and physical assets.

We Evaluate and document key potential hazards in a particular area or country, including identifying the level of risk and suggesting steps to mitigate and control it.

Intelligence and advisory services of KelmeRisk provide to update your employees about any news of interest for the security purposes and for the development of projects in different part of the world.

KelmeRisk prepares periodic security assessment reports to help you understand security situation in the country and the complete picture of the day, week or month based on the request which include descriptive overview of important events and related security assessments directly or indirectly concerned with the security framework of the interested area.

We enable clients to make confident, informed risk management decisions with timely and actionable security intelligence, analysis and affiliated security advices by delivering specific, relevant insight on socio-political and security risks that can impact your operational capability.

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