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Intelligence and Advisory

An ongoing monitoring and the analysis of the events that can cause risks to your personnel and company assests around the world

Krisk24 interactive portal delivers critical security information in one place. It allows travelers and organizations to get vetted news alerts and security reports by country. With its real-time feed, interactive dashboard, and easy access to all reports, Krisk24 is the perfect dashboard for your situation monitoring needs. 


You can access easily to our Special Reports that provide comprehensive monthly risk analyses of developments and emerging threats in global terrorism, geopolitical trends,  risk ratings and more. With predictive analysis, assessments, and forecasts on tactical    and strategic threats, our Krisk24 portal will give you the tools to make data-driven decisions and to support your organization's executive decision-making and business continuity.

A double functionality to support the Corporate Management responsible for the security and the protection of the employees operating in sensitive areas

KrisK24 portal allows a person to be monitored according to his/her schedule in real time with the possibility of launching an SOS alert in case of a critical situation.

When on-the go, your travelers are kept up-to date with the latest security development, analytical reports available for the countries of interest and related advice at their destination so they can anticipate problems, look after their safety and minimize disruption to their work.

In parallel, your management teams also receive proactive alerts from KrisK24 with the latest security incidents in countries where you have travelers. Corporate security management also has the possibility to actively interact with the portal by inserting any dedicated notices, additional notifications and advices.

When your staff travels to a country with a high risk profile that goes beyond the parameters set by Corporate Security Management, an alert will be received in order to know immediately all kind of travel data. This means organisations like yours can plan and act immediately in the event of a crisis or simply arm your people with information that will keep them healthy, safe and secure.

We help you achieve your goals by preparing your employees for travel and supporting them whilst they are in unfamiliar and remote locations. Create your account, customize your news alerts feed to build a security dashboard tailored to your interests. 

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