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Secure Communications

A unique solution that enable people to exchange sensitive information securely, protecting their business, reputation, and personal life.

KelmeRisk Secure Communication service provides users with the best tools and solutions to secure their communications. To that end, we employ strong cryptography with no backdoors by giving our partners, and users a total control over all functionalities of the apps and devices.

KelmeRisk provides a unique solution with Encrypted Communication service that provides privacy for all your communication needs.

Our best practice methodology ensures maximum security for your calls, voice and instant message communications on your mobile phone that remain inaccessible to third parties.

It includes a “Self Destruct” feature which lets you delete all your messages sent on recipients device at any time.

KelmeRisk’s easy-to-use secure communication service‚Ä® offering the following advantages:

Key Features

  Encrypted calls

  Encrypted conference calls

  Encrypted voice mail

  Encrypted text messaging (With self-destruct option)

  Encrypted multimedia messaging (With self-destruct option)

  Encrypted live streaming with video-on capabilites

  Encrypted Access to loT critical infrastructure

  Encrypted messaging for information Exchange and sync



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