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Security Monitoring

Security, safety and localization for employees in countries at risks.

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the travel safety and security of yourself, your employees and your organization are always a priority.

KelmeRisk gives you certainty in knowing exactly where your employees are located during their stay in a high-risk environment to assist companies and organizations in meeting their Duty of Care obligations towards travelling employees.

In today’s world, GPS is crucial to enterprise protection and risk management. Knowing the location of employees around the world at any moment has become an important part of travel and security risk management, particularly when employees are working in sensitive areas.

Within this context, a wider array of services provides a personal GPS tracking device to allow the monitoring of position of the employees for the sole purposes of receiving emergency SOS, detecting abnormal/suspect conditions, initiating the activation of emergency and incident management procedures.

By using these special purpose satellite and cellular-enabled GPS devices, we track and monitor employees all over the world from a dedicated 24-hour Operation Center (NOC) which is ready to respond immediately to client emergencies.

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