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The Kelmer Group’s expertise in the international consultancy has created the conditions to define a business model to adapt also to the different needs in the Risk Security Management. A combination of services that aim to solve real issues that all companies have to face to optimize their internal processes in the development of those markets with which you have less confidence.

The proliferation of new types of risk no longer solely limited to the political instability, and extensive travelling all over the globe have produced a high demand for assistance measures in hazardous environments. KelmeRisk provides international coverage for the prevention of risk situations and for the management of critical events in real time, even through dedicated crisis units.

The KelmeRisk synergy opens a totally new scenario in workforce management in areas at risk, ensuring security at 360 degrees on the movements and the retention of employees and business travelers.

The most important ability lays in the outline of the custom services according to the real needs of the client, inspired by criteria of reasonableness and responsibility. KelmeRisk plays the difficult role of security partner, providing the most appropriate support to mitigate actual or potential threats.

Having been operating for over 10 years in the international strategy consulting, Kelmer is a leading Group worldwide, with offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore, Manila and Dublin. The Group counts 70 professionals in different locations and independent strategic partners in over 30 countries.

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Kelmer services are backed by a team of dynamic, skilled and experienced individuals.  Reach out to us with your enquires and we'll respond as soon as possible.