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KelmeRisk - Profession assessment and management of security risk
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Assessing and managing security risks by supporting clients build their security capabilities to meet the challenges in unfriendly areas.

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The KelmeRisk synergy opens a totally new scenario in workforce management in areas of risk, ensuring security at 360 degrees on the movements and the retention of employees and business travelers.

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the travel safety and security of yourself, your employees and your organization are always a priority.

KelmeRisk gives you certainty in knowing exactly where your employees are located during their stay in a high-risk environment to assist companies and organizations in meeting their Duty of Care obligations towards travelling employees.

Intelligence and Advisory

Intelligence and Advisory

KelmeRisk’s comprehensive threat and risk intelligence reports offer a consolidated resource of relevant and up-to-date information supported with flash notifications on crucial information that could impact the security of both personnel and physical assets.

We Evaluate and document key potential hazards in a particular area or country, including identifying the level of risk and suggesting steps to mitigate and control it.

Crisis Management & Consulting

Crisis Management & Consulting

KelmeRisk assists clients with preventing, controlling and mitigating disturbances and losses in organization, operations and of assets by offering various degrees of security consulting, normally including thorough threat/risk analysis and detailed security planning.

Secure Communications

Secure Communications

KelmeRisk Secure Communication service provides users with the best tools and solutions to secure their communications. To that end, we employ strong cryptography with no backdoors by giving our partners, and users a total control over all functionalities of the apps and devices.

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Contact Us

Kelmer services are backed by a team of dynamic, skilled and experienced individuals.  Reach out to us with your enquires and we'll respond as soon as possible.